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Speech Competition

WGP School —

A HUGE congratulations to our Year 6 students who presented their speeches in front of their peers and teachers in the hall. Two of our students went on to compete in the Hibiscus Coast Speech competition finals and both did a superb job. Well done Callum and Charlise! We are very proud of you both! A special mention to Charlise who came second with her speech about the evolution of Space Travel.

A few words from our speech champions below..

Writing The Speeches

First we did a week of planning.  Next we started writing the speeches. We made them interesting, we chose our topics and then we wrote them on our cue cards.

In Class Competition

Our first challenge had come. After 2 weeks of repeatedly practicing, everyone in the class performed their speech. Annoyingly we had a time limit of 2.30mins-3.30mins. Our teachers took notes and they had a scoring sheet.


Finally it was my turn. To my relief we only had to read our speech in front of half the class. As I made my way to the front of the classroom, I nervously took out my cue cards from my pocket. I quickly ran through my notes in my head, took a deep breath and started speaking. I was painfully aware of the time limit. My hands were shaking slightly but I couldn’t do anything about it. For some reason I was sad when I finished, I enjoyed presenting my speech.


First it was in front of half the class. I felt better speaking in front of them.  The teachers then made us do it in front of the whole class there was Mitchell ,Makayla ,Charlise and Sasha and I chosen to speak.

Quarter Finals

On Friday our teachers chose 5 people to say their speech in the quarter finals in our class. The reason they chose 5 people was because they couldn’t decide who to pick.


Once again I was nervous, but I gave it my best shot and made it into the semi-finals!


I did my best to get through, and achieve that. I was really happy.


On Monday after practicing all weekend it was time for the semi-finals to take place! I was super nervous but a little excited at the same time. I found it scary watching my turn creep closer by the minute. Sitting in the line I felt shaky and even dizzy! In the end I got up and did my speech. I was amazed at the result.


It was nerve wracking standing up on the stage. My hands were shaking, there was no stopping them. I was very nervous as I spoke in front of the all the year 5/6 students and teachers. Once I had done the speech, I felt happiness running through my veins.

After that they called out the winners, Charlise came first and I came second.

The Results

On Thursday they announced the first 3. Tied third equal was Sienna, Jake and Makayla, they all had amazing speeches. Second was Callum and first was Charlise.

The first 2 would go through to the finals which were in the Stanmore Bay Community Hall.

The Finals

The Stanmore Bay Community Hall was not as big as we thought it would be. There were around 30 people in the hall; 5 contestants to compete with. Then after the speech they announced the winners. Charlise came 2nd and Callum came 4th. It was an amazing experience and we hope to do it again.

By Callum Hill and Charlise Cox