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Ako Hui Meetings - Week 2

Tracey Young —

Ako Hui /Learning Conferences are being held on Tuesday 2nd August and Wednesday 3rd August in your child's classroom.

The purpose of Ako Hui meetings are:

  • For students to share their learning
  • For teachers to update parents on their child’s learning success and progress
  • To discuss and co-construct next learning steps

Your child/ren should have come home with an allocated time/s yesterday. If this time does not suit, please contact your child’s class teacher to arrange another suitable time.

During these meetings, classroom teachers will be sharing an update on your child's progress so far this year.  

Image by: Tracey Young

This diagram shows how curriculum levels typically relate to years at school. Within each of the curriculum subject areas, most students will progress through levels 1-5. The level that each child is learning at will vary compared to the other children in the same year and it is important not to compare your child's progress with that of others.  Every child learns at a different rate and there are other impacting factors.