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Photo by Heather Walkinshaw

Covid Reminder - Be Prepared


Regions of Australia have had a rough time over the last few weeks. This could be New Zealand next. Hon Jacinda Adern has indicated New Zealand is likely to be placed in Level 4 if the Delta Variant of Covid 19 is found in the community. Be prepared.

As in the past, it is possible we will only get a few hours notice of a lockdown.  Schools remain open at Level 2, and are closed, except for essential workers, at Level 3.  Schools fully closed at Level 4.  We will send home some pen and paper activities in a pack, have a Home Learning Website in place, and some daily activities either emailed, or on our Facebook page.

Specific information will be emailed to you from your learning hub about access to teacherled online meet ups through Google Meet.  Please make sure you are familiar with accessing the class blog for each learning hub too.  The blog will be the place for sharing learning and viewing the learning of others.

It is extremely unlikely the Ministry of Education will be providing devices for Primary aged students, and at Wigram Primary we will not be loaning out devices either. Our devices are leased cannot be used off site.

Start thinking about the resources you might need at home - pens, pencils, paper, books (to read), books (to write in), glue, scissors etc.  Prepare a space that could be used as the work area.