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Photo by Heather Walkinshaw

We have an increasing issue with students being late to school.


Your child, being at school before the starting bell goes is hugely important.

Our learning sessions are underway straight away in the mornings.  No they do not just sit around and chat, but learning groups get up and running and students arriving late into class is a massive disruption.  

It is very uncomfortable for the students as well and they feel at a disadvantage as everyone is underway and they may have missed the instructions or expectations of the group.

We know it is not the child's fault about being late - it's the person dropping off that needs to be aware that school starts at 8:55am and children need at least 10mins to get their bag unpacked, bag hung up and be organised for the day.  It is also the time teachers love to have a relaxing chat with a child and they can share their news or an event that happened.

Parents we urge you to organise this morning routine to allow your child to begin the day in a relaxed way.