Hero photograph
Photo by Gerhard Potgieter

House Group Rewards


As a PB4L school, we have an acknowledgment system to celebrate all the great things the kids are doing at school. Part of that system is to have house group rewards when the house group's token box gets full. This part of the process is not designed to be a competition but rather another opportunity to celebrate what the kids have done but for their whole house group.  The goal for each House is 1000 tokens.

When the token box is full, the house leaders alongside the house group decide on a house reward such as a non-uniform day, wacky hair day or a movie. 

Last week Kittyhawk and Mustang had their token box full and got to do their house reward. This week Harvard and Skyhawk have their token boxes full and will be doing their house reward tomorrow. Both houses chose a movie for their reward.