Hero photograph
Photo by Heather Walkinshaw

Chaos at the School Gate


Further to our article in the last newsletter regarding drop off and pick up issues, particularly on Curtis Street - driver behaviour did improve for a day or two, but has reverted back to dangerous, illegal parking, turns & stopping etc.

This article is now a warning for those who break the law, and make arriving at school safely a problem.  We will now be taking a photo of inappropriate and illegal driving and stopping, and passing it on to the police for vehicle ticketing.

Our students deserve the right to be able to get into and out of the school grounds safely.  They deserve to be supported by adults who have their best interests at heart, and who are great role models.

There is no excuse for bad behaviour.

Please note that the bus parking area on Curtis Street will be coned off for the Sports bus on Friday from 12noon till 3:10pm for the safe departure return of students.