by Heather Walkinshaw

Covid Level 3 & 4 Lockdown

Well, we have survived - again.

Congratulations to all parents and caregivers with supporting your children during lockdown.  You played a magnificent role in supporting the learning.

The children have returned to school ready to learn, and have slotted back into routines really well.  We did not expect that this would be the case, and we are really pleased.  

Our focus for the rest of this term is to make sure we have strong everyday routines, and work towards getting regular learning programmes back on track.

We cannot hold school assemblies at this time and parents/caregivers are not able to come into the school.  The children have adapted well to being dropped off at the Kittyhawk or Hall entrance.  Our thanks to the House Leaders who are supporting at the entrance areas, and helping get some of our younger to their class.  There is also support for young people to get their bags, and morning items, organised.

Our expectation is that the children (other than Ruru) all go into their classroom when they arrive, and not out to play.  Some of our House Leaders are also supporting in each of the classes with play before school.  (Secretly I think they love it - playing with playdough and the toys)

Thank you for the kind messages from parents regarding the communication over the lockdown.  They were very much appreciated.