Rubbish Free Lunch Boxes

We are 4 weeks into our rubbish free transformation and what a difference it has made!

WPS Goes Rubbish Free

This year Wigram Primary has made the decision to go rubbish free. The reason for this is mainly because in the past few years when walking around the school, you would be able to spot rubbish almost everywhere you went. To prevent a repeat of this again, most of the children now come to school with rubbish free lunches. However, if you do have any rubbish you must take it back home in your lunch because the outside bins at Wigram Primary are now inaccessible.

Going rubbish free here at Wigram Primary has drastically changed and improved the environment the children play and learn in. If you walk around you will spot almost no rubbish around our school grounds. Going rubbish free hasn’t helped Wigram Primary alone though.

Us humans are mainly careless about our environment and rubbish because every year about 2.12 billion tons of waste are created by us alone. If going rubbish free helped Wigram Primary, couldn’t it help the world? Especially if all schools went rubbish free because most rubbish is actually found loitering in schools like ours.

Witten by Tatiana Fraser.

Video by Amiee Ogilvie & Tatiana Fraser