by Heather Walkinshaw

Safety around the School Gate

Thank-you to all the whānau that are using our school entrances and crossings correctly: parking in the designated parks, having their children exit the cars onto the sidewalk and then using the crossing safely. This is great to see when out on road patrol - we appreciate it.

Just a reminder at the Kittyhawk entrance to safely find a legal park to allow your children out of the car would be the best - there are plenty of parks around our school and we have our staff members there to make sure they arrive safely into our gates.  Please remember to park first, then allow your child to get out of the car.  As a parent you are their greatest role model.

Again thank you to the families that are already doing this. If you are unsure, ask any of the staff members, they are more than willing to help.

If your child arrives to school by bike, please be aware of our safety procedures around bikes.  

Students in Year 6 can ride to school unsupervised if their parent feels they are competent to do so.  Other students are required to be supervised by a parent while biking.  All students are required to follow the road rules and need to be wearing a helmet. 

There is no riding of a bike or scooter into the school grounds to find the scooter/bike rack - they need to walk their bike/scooter inside the school grounds (before and after school).