by Heather Walkinshaw

How to Deal with an Issue

From time to time your child may come home from school with a tale - If what you hear concerns you what do you do?

Playgrounds and classrooms are always busy places.  Sometimes something happens that either the teacher is unaware of, or has been dealt with within the school.  When your child tells you about something they have seen, or been involved in, and it is of concern to you, there are a few things you can and can't do.

1. Always raise an issue with the classroom teacher - either face to face, phone or email.

2. Be aware that with any tale there are usually 2 sides to a story, and your child may not be aware of what the outcome of an incident may be.

3. Under no circumstances can an adult approach a child at school to harass them or verbally abuse them.  The same with the child's parent.

4. Something we regularly find is children neglect to tell their parents what part they played in an incident, just the role of someone else.  Ask your child what they did in the situation.

Teachers spend a huge amount of time unpacking disagreements between children.  At times an outcome may not be obvious to others.  We work really hard to find out where an incident first started, and who was firstly in the wrong - no just how something ended.

Parents cannot take actions into their own hands - this is bullying or harassment.

Parents/adults acting inappropriately towards students, or their parents, could result in police involvement, and/or a trespass from the school grounds.