by Raylene Chamberlain

Top Team Challenge

The Senior Hubs had a great start to the year, kicking off with our annual Top Team challenge. The water activities proved to be the highlight of the day for both adults and children, particularly with the hot weather!

"I enjoyed pulling the water bucket because we had to work as a team to pull it to the end." (Yohan, Year 4)

"I liked that we had to work as a team, because it's more fun to work together to solve the challenges." (Oscar, Year 4)

"I liked the egg race because we had to go through an obstacle course." (Kayden, Year 5)

"I enjoyed being in teams with other people and getting to know what sports they are good at. Our team was great!" (Evelyn S, Year 5)

"I liked all the water challenges because we don't usually get to play with water. It was nice to see the parents playing with us, too!" (Ria, Year 6)

"I loved the fact that I could dunk my head into the bucket full of water - and I did it last year, too!" (Toby R, Year 6)

Thank you to all the parents and family who came and helped over the two days.