by Heather Walkinshaw

Learning at Home

We understand life can be very busy, and each household is different.

We have designed our learning support system to cater for a wide range of needs and circumstances across our community.  There is no one way to fit all of our families.  Schools are very different too and how we deliver the home learning options can be very different too.

The main expectation for us is that student learning is being driven by the parents and caregivers.  As parents you can organise your child/ren into whatever activities and Meet Ups as suits you.  We understand all families are different.

All of the teachers are contactable and please make contact with any of us if there is something we can try to help with.

You are all doing a great job, because you are the parent, and you know what works for your child and your home set up.

Should we move to Level 3, the Home Learning options that are available now will continue.  There will be a few children at Bubble School who will also be also be continuing with the School Home Learning website - but from inside a classroom.

You are all doing a great job and we are seeing greater uptake of students attending Meetups, compared to last year.  Thank you for that.  Also thank you for assisting to get your childs' work up onto the class blog.  What a great way to share.

We are all in this together - carry on with the great job you are doing.


    Our Home Learning Website

    Ministry of Education Home Learning options in Year Levels

    Google Hang Outs - often with follow up tasks

    Two daily activities on Facebook, and also emailed out

    Hardcopy activities

    Checking out the class blogs - have fun commenting on other childrens' work

    Learning TV up and running again