by Gerhard Potgieter

A quick look at what Ruru has been up to during lockdown.....

This week the students in Ruru have had two very successful google meets on Monday and Wednesday.

The students from Ruru in Mustang and Harvard got together at 10:00 am. Then Skyhawk and Kittyhawk come online to meet at 11:00am. It was really nice to see some different faces from outside our own family bubbles. We chatted about how we have been filling in our time, introduced our pets, and shared stories of our baking successes and the odd disaster! 

Mrs. Lee even challenged each of our bubble groups on Wednesday to draw an animal in a minute. You can see in the photo how clever we are. No two animals look the same. 

Next week the challenges in our google meetings are going to be based around having to use our memory and recall some specifics about different objects and images. 

The teachers and teacher aides are proud of the way our students have accessed and used the Ruru Learning Site from home this week.  Many students have looked at the Lockdown learning slides, and have been finishing off work from last week. We have even had students posting amazing examples of their learning from earlier in the year that they had not posted to their blogs to share. 

We have all really enjoyed reading and commenting on the learning you have shared to your blogs. 

Remember, if you or your child have any questions or need further support, please email us and we will help you out.

Thanks Ruru Teachers