by Gerhard Potgieter

Top tips for parents ...

As a parent of young kids of my own, I know and understand the challenges of being a parent during Lockdown. Here are some things that I have learnt (and learning) that might be helpful to you:

1. Enjoy the small things - Joy releases Dopamine which enables motivation and pleasure. 

2. Routines are helpful where possible

3. Take care of your own mental health. It is important to make sure that you have your own oxygen mask on before you help others. For me in my busy home it means starting my day with a strong coffee by myself before I get going with helping everyone else.

4. Choose your battles. Not all battles are worth fighting.

5. Prioritize your time - this has helped me a lot as I try to navigate the needs and demands of my work and my family.

You've got this whānau. We are doing this together.