by Heather Walkinshaw


Well what a lot can change in 2 weeks

In our last newsletter I reminded families that there was a need to be prepared at home for a Covid outbreak.  Little did we know it was just around the corner.  

We have a 7 year old in our house and I cannot believe how much paper we go through (not toilet paper).  There are hundreds of picture being done, heaps of paper planes and bits and pieces of writing (but not a lot).  

Keep reading the emails that come your way.  I know there are many, but it is the best way to keep in touch.

School Production

While work haas been underway with the production, there will be some changes to timeframes for presentation.  We will not finalise this until we are back at level 2 and we have the children on site.  

Another Baby

We are celebrating another staff members baby arriving.  Mrs Anita Hawkins celebrated the early arrival of Charlotte Hawkins on 18 August.  Charlotte arrived into the world very quickly and was born at home.  Both are well and Charlotte weighed in at 7lb 1oz.  We look forward to a lovely photo in due time.

Heather Walkinshaw