Hero photograph
Penguin Place Rehabilitaton Centre for Yellow-Eyed Penguins.
Photo by Penguin Place

Helping Hoiho @ Penguin Place

Penguin Place —

On Friday 26 and Sunday 28 April at 1.30 pm find out what it is like to be a Hoiho/Yellow-Eyed Penguin on the mainland of New Zealand, plus a privileged view of the Penguin Rehabilitation Centre at Penguin Place.

Penguin Place is a private conservation effort to help save the world’s most endangered penguin.  

An interesting and insightful talk will be given by people on the frontline of Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation. Learn about conservation goals and strategies, challenges in Helping Hoiho and Penguin Rehabilitation.

After the talk, small groups will be taken to visit the Penguin Place Rehabilitation Centre. 

Duration approximately 40 minutes and a maximum of 45 people at this session.

FREE event.  Booking essential.





Phone to book:  (03) 4780286