Hero photograph
 Blake Hollows bravely holding a Kōura  John Hollows.
Photo by John Hollows

Meet Freshwater Kōura

NatureHQ & John Hollows, Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street —

John Hollows has a fascination with Kōura, freshwater crayfish. On Wednesday 24 April from 1-2 pm he will be bringing in a tank of these endearing pond and river-dwellers to NatureHQ in the Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street.

Kōura are revealing their secrets in a research project managed by John at Keewai, where Kōura are farmed in forestry fire ponds.

John will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Kōura.  

Here are just some of the things he told us:

  • Kōura scuttle around on their four pairs of legs and like to hide in broom, watercress and carex grasses in the ponds
  • They eat everything from plants to algae, insects and they’ll even have a go at fish if they come near
  • They’re homebodies, preferring to hang out in their own little hiding place, and if they’re taken to the other side of the pond, they’ll return home in 24 hours 
  • In a flood they can climb out of the water and sit on a rock, and if the pond doesn’t provide what they need anymore, they will migrate overland
  •  At night you can spot them by their glowing red eyes.

No booking required.

Cost:  FREE 

If you are keen to learn more about John Hollows and his Kōura we recommend watching the following Country Calendar programme...


Come on in to NatureHQ and meet John and his Kōura on Wednesday 24th.

NatureHQ is the festival base and venue and it will be located in the DCC Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street - just a few metres up from the Octagon walking towards Moray Place. See map #9