Hero photograph
Leopard Seal enjoying life on a Dunedin beach.
Photo by Alex Weller

NatureHQ: Leopard Seals

NatureHQ & LeopardSeals.org —

At NatureHQ on ANZAC Day Thursday 25 April from 2-2.45pm Giverny Forbes from LeopardSeals.org tells you about these mysterious mammals and what to do if you see one on the beach.

Giverny's enthusiasm for Leopard Seals is contagious. Here's why she chose Leopard Seals as her favourite 'Wild Thing' 

"I never found it easy to choose a favourite animal, until I met my first leopard seal. It was on the beach five minutes from my house and although it didn’t do much I was immediately intrigued with why it was there and not in Antarctica. I think I am drawn to leopard seals by the mystery that surrounds them and the fact that there is so much to be learnt about them. The fact that they are large, charismatic, intelligent mammals, also makes them very interesting to study. "       Giverny Forbes

Leopardseals.org is a group of scientists, students and volunteers that volunteer their time to study leopard seals. 

Our aim is to learn as much as possible about leopard seals in New Zealand and our focus at the moment is looking at the occurrence of leopard seals on our shores and how they fit into our biological (food chains etc) and our social (human communities) ecology. 

We are also dedicated to providing education and advocacy about leopard seals to the public to help both leopard seals and humans stay safe and share our shores.