Hero photograph
Over the festival we are asking people to take part in our Insta-blitz while out and about in Wild Dunedin.
Photo by Taylor Davies-Colley

‘Insta-blitz’ at NatureHQ 

Wild Dunedin —

Share your Instagram photos using the hashtag #wilddunedinfestival while out and about in Wild Dunedin over the festival. Insta-blitz images will be shown on screen at NatureHQ located in the Community Gallery, 20 Princes Street. Best images featured on the #wilddunedin Instagram.

NatureHQ will have a large screen in the Community Gallery where your instagram images with the hash tag #wilddunedinfestival will appear. We set up Insta-blitz to get some visual feedback of how Dunedin residents are taking part in the Wild Dunedin festival.

The best images will be then featured on our @wilddunedin Instagram account.