Hero photograph
Kevin Gilbert is making Horopito bread for the Wild Dunedin festival on Saturday 22nd April
Photo by Jeannie Hayden

Otago Farmers Market - wild fare

Otago Farmers Market —

Gilbert's Fine Foods will be producing a special Wild Dunedin bread using horopito leaves gathered from Orokonui Ecosanctuary for sale on Saturday 22nd April from 8am-12pm.  Look for the producers at the Otago Farmers Market displaying a Wild Dunedin poster indicating they are offering something from the wild. 

Up on the platform you will find  Joe Ruka at Wild Smokehouse  who specialises in the curing and smoking of wild food offerings.  

Using the time honoured craft of charcuterie, the Wild Smokehouse team combine wild foods with nature’s aromatics including Horopito and Kawa Kawa. Then gently smoked for many hours over woods such as Manuka, Rimu and Pohutukawa.

Also on the platform find Rob Emett of Kiwi Wakame  who sustainably harvests and sells a range of seaweed seasoning products, kelp granules, kelp chips and delicious seaweed salads that are ready to eat. 

Heidi McQuillan from Dragonfly Unbakery sells a variety of flavours of Kombucha made from natural bacteria and yeast. Kombucha is made by adding the bacteria and yeast to sugar and black or green tea and allowing the brew to ferment and then other flavours like ginger or berries are added to make a healthy delicious drink. 

Harbour Fish of course are offering wild food with the local fresh fish they have on offer.

Alice Baird from Otago Organics will be making Earth Day her last day at the market until spring and will be offering chickweed in her salad mix and herbal teas in celebration of Wild Dunedin.

Dave Milne from Blueskin Bay Honey prides himself on producing a quality honey with very low processing. It is filtered only once, not over heated and not creamed which would change the structure of the sugar crystals. It is packaged in glass jars which he accepts back to reuse. It is important to Dave that his honey is a natural food product produced with a high level of integrity and gathered from a relatively clean and beautiful environment. Dave has bees that gather honey from the Kanuka from Orokonui Ecosanctuary.

So give the Wild Dunedin bread a go with a spot of Blueskin Bay wildflower and native flower honey.   

A Wild Dunedin packed lunch idea -  

A sandwich using Gilbert's sourdough, stuffed with meats or seafood from the Wild Smoke House, condiments from Kiwi Wakame and a fresh wild salad from Otago Organics.  Wash down the sandwich with a bottle of kombucha from Dragonfly Unbakery.