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Jago A Life Underwater
Video by James Reed

 International Award winning film "Jago: A Life Underwater"   

Wild Dunedin and Jackson Hole WILD on Tour —

This independently produced film won the top prize, the Grand Teton Award, at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival  in 2015. Wild Dunedin in partnership with Jackson Hole WILD are presenting this film at the inaugural Dunedin Wild Film Festival on Saturday 22 April 7.30pm at the Teachers College Auditorium.  Price of admittance a gold coin.

"Jago: A Life Underwater" will be introduced by Neil Harraway, Convenor of Wild Dunedin Festival and after the screening there will be a Q and A with Producer and Director James Reed from the UK via Skype.

Jago is the story of Rohani, an 80 year old Bajau hunter who lives in the Togean Islands, Sulawesi. The story is told entirely from Rohani’s perspective, against the exotic backdrop of the Coral Triangle, and recreates events that capture the turning points in his life, as a hunter and as a man.

Director of Photography, James Morgan, and Assistant Director Johnny Langenheim, collaborated on Jago with Director James Reed because they felt that not only would the film be cinematic, but there was a bigger, more important story on the use of marine resources and the effect of wider changes on indigenous communities.

 “Jago was a genuinely independent project. It had no financing from anywhere when we went to Indonesia to shoot. Being independent was a massive team effort and it would've been nothing without every person (in every role) falling in love with it.... Jago has faults, of course, but I still look at it today and think we did the best we could. I'm very proud of it and everyone involved.” James Reed, producer and director.

As a filmmaker James Reed has taken audiences on breathtaking journeys that have aired internationally on BBC, Discovery and National Geographic.

A review by Natural History Network:

“Mesmerizing in it’s simplicity, unhurried in it’s editing, beautifully crafted in sound, music, colour and picture. Each shot is a work of art, each scene a lesson in how to seduce the audience into caring for its’ characters’ and to stay with the story.”

Jago film credits:

Produced and Directed by James Reed 

Director/Cameraman James Morgan

Assistant Director Johnny Langenheim 

Underwater Cameraman Mark Sharman Editor Sam Rogers

 Cost:  a gold coin entry will help the festival to cover screening costs.