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"The tui and kowhai fit together like hand in a glove", Rod Morris
Photo by Rod Morris

Counting Bush Birds in the Town Belt

Birds NZ —

Sunday 10th October from 9am - Participate in 5-minute bird counts at ten stations along the Town Belt. Members of Birds NZ will train those interested in helping to monitor birds in the Town Belt. It's also a chance to learn and practise bird identification skills that you can use in your own backyard and for the annual Garden Bird Survey. Meet at Moana Pool carpark at 9.00 am.

The Otago Branch of Birds NZ has a monitoring scheme for bush birds in the Town Belt. This will provide on-going, long-term information on bird abundance to help assess success of habitat restoration within the Town Belt.

Monitoring involves doing 5-minute bird counts at 10 stations along the Town Belt.

For more information: Email  nzmaryt@gmail.com