Hero photograph
Botanical painting of Adam's Mistletoe by Audrey Eagle in the 1950's
Photo by Audrey Eagle, Botanical Artist

Students won the BBC Best Newcomer Award at WildScreen film festival in 2006

Centre for Science Communication,. Otago University —

Brant Backlund and Thassilo Franke  made an award winning film about an extinct plant - a potentially dull subject into an intriguing detective story.  Their 25 minute film "Exhuming Adams" along with two other student films will be screened  on  Monday 24 April from 7.30pm at the College of Education auditorium. Gold coin entry. 

Exhuming Adams investigates the mysterious disappearance of a species of New Zealand mistletoe 50 years ago. Set among dusty museum collections, high-tech labs, and remote bush, this documentary is a natural history CSI.  

This film and the others will be introduced by Ross Johnston, Head of Filmmaking, from the Centre of Science Communication, University of Otago.

I wonder if Ross has used his detective skills to track down where in the world Brant and Thassilo are now.