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Tomtits and Apples (with Fantail) by Kaori Jackson
Photo by Kaori Jackson

Wild Nature - Otago Art Society Exhibition

Otago Art Society —

Open every day over the festival from 22 - 28 April 10am-4pm. An exhibition of creative artworks in an array of media depicting Dunedin's 'Wild Nature' by members of the Otago Art Society, in the gallery shop, 1st floor, Dunedin Railway Station.

Members of the Otago Art Society are contributing to a mini-exhibition 'Wild Nature'  in mixed media that depict the flora, fauna, landscapes and seascapes of Wild Dunedin. 

The artworks will be for sale in the Gift Shop Gallery at the Otago Art Society's premises, 1st floor, Dunedin Railway Station.

 "The Otago Art Society is keen to contribute to the Wild Dunedin Festival and for it to become part of our artists' focus."   Jenny Longstaff, Otago Art Society  Council Member.

FREE entry.

For information phone  (03) 477 9465 (Otago Art Society)