Hero photograph
Otago Fish and Game Council operations manager Ian Hadland and ranger Ralph Hayburn conduct electric fishing survey on a small Otago stream. Ian will take part in the festival event.
Photo by Otago Fish and Game

Electric Fishing at the Leith Stream, Woodhaugh Gardens 

Fish and Game —

Otago Fish and Game on Sunday 23rd April at 2pm will give a demonstration of electric fishing. Fish are briefly stunned so that researchers can count the varieties and number of fish living in this urban stream. 

The fish are only stunned for a matter of seconds and it's the way fresh water scientists  monitor the health of a stream.  Many of our native fish are so small and secretive that this is the only way to find out how healthy the population is. This event will inform you of the fresh water fish life in the stream that runs through Wild Dunedin and how important it is to take care of our waterways. 

It is planned that this event will occur at around 2pm in conjunction with  the DOC UrbanNature Expo running at Woodhaugh Gardens from 11am to 3pm. 

The electric fishing exercise will be weather and river dependant and Otago Fish and Game will look for a suitable and safe location in the general Woodhaugh Garden area. 

 On the day make your way to the DOC tent at the expo and they can inform you where the electric fishing is taking place.