Hero photograph
Observing munida at NZ Marine Studies Centre at Portobello
Photo by NZ Marine Studies Centre

 Who Eats Who at the Aquarium?

New Zealand Marine Studies Centre —

Discover how local sea creatures are adapted to catch their food, avoid predators and stay alive at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre at Portobello on Saturday 22 April - 3 sessions to choose from 10-11.30am, 12.30–2pm, 2.30–4pm.

Join a marine scientist at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre at Portobello to find out about marine food webs - the who eats who in the ocean.  

It's a hands on experience of marine life including viewing microscopic plankton under a microscope, investigating the stomach contents of a squid or shark and close up viewing of a variety of sea animals in our tanks and touch pools. 

Explore issues regarding sustainability and human impact on the oceans while getting close up to local sea creatures.

The Aquarium is no longer open to the general public, so this is a unique opportunity to see some of the marine creatures that are kept at the Centre for education programmes.

Children attending this event will earn a Wild Dunedin Kiwi Guardian Explorer Medal and a DOC flyer will be given out at this event.   The flyer informs you how to redeem an Explorers Medal. Go to www.wilddunedin.nz and click on the medal icon on the homepage. Follow the instructions and a medal will be sent to you in the post.

You will be given information  on how to redeem this medal at the event.

Booking Information:

Book and pay online: https://secure-www.otago.ac.nz/forms/wild-dunedin/ 

No refunds (but you may pass unwanted booking to another person)

Maximum of 30 per session.

Bookings essential

Adults $10, Children $8. Recommended for adults and children 5 years and above.