Hero photograph
Kiwi Guardian Explorer medals sponsored by Toyota can be redeemed by attending events at this year's Wild Dunedin festival.
Photo by Alishea Dench

Kids Scavenger hunt - a  pop up Kiwi Guardians event led by university students  

AAPES, Dunedin Botanic Garden and Department of Conservation —

A fun scavenger hunt and pop up Kiwi Guardians event exploring nature from New Zealand and around the world at the Dunedin Botanic Garden  on Saturday 22 April running 11am-3pm from the top carpark, off lovelock Avenue.  Allow  30-45 minutes for the scavenger hunt to earn a Wild Dunedin explorers medal.

This event will be led  by the enthusiastic university students of AAPES (Animals, Aquatic, Plants, and Ecological society) and has been made possible with the co-operation of the Dunedin Botanic Garden and Department of Conservation.

This is a Kiwi Guardian Explorers Medal event: Upon completion of the scavenger hunt at the Botanic Garden children will be given a DOC flyer. The flyer informs you how to redeem an Explorers Medal. Go to www.wilddunedin.nz and click on the medal icon on the homepage. Follow the instructions and a medal will be sent to you in the post.