Hero photograph
Yellow eyed penguin in full call.
Photo by Paul Sorrell

Penguin Place 90 Minute Guided Tours Discounted

Penguin Place —

On Saturday 22 April there will be two discounted tours at 3.45 and 4.15 pm. Observe the shy Yellow Eyed Penguins through a unique system of covered trenches and viewing hides.  

Penguin Place is a private conservation effort to help save the world’s most endangered penguin and the guided tours to see the Yellow-Eyed Penguin fund 100% of our project.

The penguin tour begins with a short talk outlining the issues Yellow Eyed Penguins are facing, their lifecycle and how the Penguin Place conservation project is carried out. 

A short bus trip over the farm takes small groups to the reserve. While in the reserve, your guide will lead you on foot through a unique system of covered trenches and into viewing hides. 

These hides allow access to the living areas and breeding grounds of this shy penguin, providing the opportunity to witness and photograph undisturbed activity at close range.

Participants need to be comfortable on their feet as it is a walking tour. Over the 90 minute tour, a maximum of 900 metres will be covered.

This is a Kiwi Guardian Explorers Medal event: Penguin Place staff will give out a flyer to children who are going on the tour. The DOC flyer informs you how to redeem an Explorers Medal. Go to www.wilddunedin.nz and click on the medal icon on the homepage. Follow the instructions and a medal will be sent to you in the post.

DEAL:  $44 per adult and $12 per child (20% Discount)

Location: Penguin Place, 45 Pakihau Road,R.D. 2 Harington Point.

Children attending this event can redeem a Kiwi Guardian Explorers Medal. Penguin Place will give you the information on how to claim your medal on www.wilddunedin.nz