Hero photograph
The winning entry in the 2017 Otago Peninsula Photo Competition 
Photo by Shaun Murphy

Otago Peninsula Photo contest 1-30 April 2018

Otago Peninsula Trust —

Get out into the wild and capture Otago Peninsula’s magic moments. The Otago Peninsula Photo Contest offers people the chance to celebrate the beauty of the Otago Peninsula’s unique wildlife, scenery and people. #OPT50Pix

From flittery fantails and gorgeous gardens at Glenfalloch to the awesome albatross and pattering penguins at Pukekura the peninsula offers many unique opportunities to thrill wildlife watchers and allow them to catch those amazing images to share with others.

Contest entries are hosted by the Royal Albatross Centre as part of Otago Peninsula Trust Enterprises. 

 Partners include Blue Penguins Pukekura and Glenfalloch Garden. Three of the contest locations are at Pukekura, which reflects the diverse opportunities provided for wildlife and scenic photography.

Entries are open to everyone. Photos can be taken on any sort of camera - from smartphones to professional DSLR cameras. 

The contest runs from 1-30 April with winners displayed at Royal Albatross Centre in May. 

Categories are defined by five locations including:

  • the area around Glenfalloch Garden, 
  • the viewing platform at Pukekura/Taiaroa Head
  • Pilots Beach Reserve
  • the Royal Albatross Centre Observatory 
  • and all of the Otago Peninsula.

The Supreme Winner will be selected by a judge who is a locally renowned photographer. The category winners will be chosen by the public voting on Otago Peninsula Trust’s online and social media platforms.

All entries must represent the subjects as authentically as possible, free from excessive digital manipulation, with honesty in captioning and total regard for the welfare of the animals, plants and environment of Otago Peninsula.

 To enter the competition visit the website below for details:



All entries have to be submitted by email to: marketing@albatross.org.nz