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A Wild Thirst for Knowledge on Tuesday 21 @ 5.30pm
Photo by Thirst for Knowledge

A Wild Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst For Knowledge —

On Tuesday 23 April at 5.30pm at Ombrellos Kitchen & Bar you can enjoy a beer or coffee while learning something new about wildlife research happening right in your own backyard! Postgraduate students will each be given five minutes to talk about their research into Dunedin and Otago's native wildlife and environment.

Hear from passionate students how and why they do their research;  field stories, unusual methods, and the beauty of the natural world in which they work.  

Get inspiration  for your next wild adventure at The Wild Thirst For Knowledge.

Cost:  FREE

But.... there are limited spaces 

So you need to book a place by registering through our booking agent  Eventbrite:

Just click this link:  https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/a-wild-thirst-for-knowledge-tickets-58612711197