Hero photograph
Ruud Kleinpaste covered with killer bees during the filming of "The Biggest and Baddest Bugs"
Photo by NHNZ

NHNZ special screening of "The World's Biggest Baddest Bugs" with Ruud Kleinpaste 


 On Sunday 23 April at 7.30 pm at the College of Education auditorium Bugman Ruud Kleinpaste will be there to take us on an entomological odyssey around the globe in search of the biggest and “baddest” creepy crawlies.  NHNZ has been making wildlife films out of Dunedin for 40 years this year, and to celebrate has brought out of the vault from 2004 “The World’s Biggest Baddest Bugs”.

Ruud is our very own “crash test dummy” as he encounters the extraordinary weapons possessed by bugs, including a swarm of killer bees, a column of army ants and giant cockroaches. 

Ruud Kleinpaste will be there for a Q & A session after the screening along with some of the crew that made the series.