Hero photograph
Photo by Windwhistle School

Windwhistle went to Town!

Martha R - Room 2 —

Today Windwhistle School went to town! We traveled to Christchurch in parent cars and the bus. I went in the bus. As soon as we got to town we parked outside the library.

We met the guides at the bottom of the big steep stairs. There was two guides one called Amy and the other called Susan. Room one had Amy and we had Susan. First we climbed the stairs and then caught the lift up to the 4th floor. My favourite thing at the library was the 3D printer.

Then we walked with our buddies to the Margaret Mahy Playground. We ate lunch and then had a play on the playground. I played on the slides.

Once we had played we walked to the art gallery with our buddies. First we looked at paintings. Then we started drawing our birds by Eileen Mayo. Mine was a kiwi.