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Kia ora Amesbury whānau

I trust that you are enjoying this long weekend and have had the opportunity to do something a little different than would be the case in a normal term time weekend.

It looks like photo shoots are the theme for the next few weeks with school photos taking place in Week 7 (15 & 17 June), and then on Monday 21 June the Ministry of Education are sending in a team for a photo shoot which they will use for publicity purposes. Both of these photo taking sessions are covered in articles attached to this Digest.

This should be plenty of warning for the kids to do whatever they need/want to prepare to be photographed.

There's also another theme over the next few weeks and that gives the tamariki the opportunity to show their 'thing'. We have Amesbury's Got Talent coming up shortly but sign ups close this week - on Wednesday (9 June) to be exact. And if that's not quite your thing, then surely the Disco on Friday 24 June is.

Appended to this Digest is a very good article covering what the kids did during module 1 this year which covered Term and the first part of this term. It sheds a light on why your tamariki were asking the questions they were asking and saying the things that they were saying as they answered a series of questions starting with "Who am I?'

We will provide further reminders, but take the opportunity to read the article on the Emergency Evacuation Drill to be held on Friday 25 June as this involves actions by you as parents and caregivers.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a productive short work week which follows.

The Amesbury Team

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