by Lesley Murrihy

Amesbury School Walking Bus is up and running again

With the welcoming of favourable walking weather it's time to rev up the engines of the walking bus.

 The walking bus is run by Amesbury volunteer parents and is a fun way for kids to start the day and arrive safely at school full of energy and ready for their learning day.

Our first walking bus will be this Friday 30th October

Thanks to the wonderful support of our school and the Wellington City Council, students on the walking bus this Friday will receive a warm milo when they arrive at school, and a very cool wristband

And..from next week onward we'll be running the service on Wednesday and Friday mornings to school, with frequent walkers in with the chance to win cool prizes over the coming weeks

There are 3 different walking buses which run with each departing at 8:15am and arriving at school at 8:35am - further details on each route are further below in this message.(1) Erlestoke Crst(2) Waverton Tce/Westchester Dve/Amesbury Dve(3) Didsbury Gve/Amesbury DveStudents can jump onboard at any point along the bus route and parents are asked to wait with the kids until the walking bus arrives.The service is based on demand and is co-ordinated and operated by volunteer parents. If you'd like to volunteer as a bus driver on the odd occasion, or more often (no ongoing committment is required :) ) please complete the very short questionnaire in this link so that we can contact you.

If you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to catchup with Angela Natali (Matilda’s mum) either at school pickups/drop-offs or anytime on 0212724321, or email Your feedback and suggestions are a valuable input into tailoring the service to meet the needs of our Amesbury families.


8.15am depart very top of Erlestoke Crst (No. 63) and walk along western side (side with even street numbers).

8:20am corner Waverton Terrace.

8:25am Corner Tattenhall Grove (will cross road from western to eastern side just below Tattenhall), then walk around the corner into Amesbury Drive and cross at the school crossing.

8:35am Arrive at school !


8.15am depart corner of Radstock Grove and Waverton Terrace, walk down Waverton and left into Westchester Drive

8:20am corner Corsham Grove

8:25am corner Amesbury, turn left into Amesbury Drive and walk on western side of street (side with odd house numbers)

8:30am corner Claverton Grove

8:35am Arrive at school !


8.15am depart corner Disbury Grove and Amesbury Drive

8:20am corner Mauldeth Terrace.

8:35am Arrive at school !