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Year 11 Mountain Biking Field Trip

Every year at the end of Term 3 the Year 11 Physical Education students head to Hanmer Springs to experience some ‘proper’ mountain biking.

There, each class stays one night and has two, 2-3 hourmountain biking sessions on the tracks surrounding Hanmer. The students are lead by local guides and the teachers.

The students are encouraged to challenge themselves and within each session they are broken up into two groups – one slightly more challenging than others. When the girls push themselves out of their comfort zones a lot of them surprise themselves! They find that they really enjoy the challenging hill climbs and the speed and technical aspects of the down hill riding.

Over the course of the two days, the girls bike through creeks, over bridges, down steep hills with the odd ‘crash’ to wet their ‘straightened hair’! A lot of fun is had by all and they return home with a few bumps and bruises and ready for their own bed! It is trips like these that long-lasting memories are many and even new hobbies found.