Boyle River by Claire McCleary

Year 12 P.E. Field Trip

Every year in June the Year 12 Physical Education students head to Boyle River, in the Lewis Pass, to experience some of what the outdoors has to offer.

There we stay for two nights at the Boyle Hut and are lucky enough to have a number of instructors that lead our students through a variety of activities.

This trip coincides with the introduction of our Social Responsibility Achievement Standard (2.8). Being in groups, in a new setting and with new people (instructors) requires the students to demonstrate social responsibility. This is required for a number of reasons but in particular the safety of all group members.

This year after our first night we woke up to 30cm on snow on the ground! It was very pretty but it wasn’t going to stop our activities. So, after breakfast, rugged up well, off out into the snow to make snowmen and have snowball fights! The day’s activities were combined with hot chocolates and snacks to warm up.

The activities are the highlight of the trip. The students have the chance to experience High Ropes courses, Low Ropes courses, Adventure based activities (ABL), small ‘tramps’ and night activities including a solo hour in the bush. These experiences are designed to push the students out of their comfort zones and see what they actual capable of. Many surprise themselves!!

Lots of fun is had by all and the fact that cellphone coverage is limited makes it even better! In the evenings after pudding and night activities, the cards come out and we have some ‘old fashioned’ fun including ‘round the table challenge’.

By Wednesday lunchtime the students are ‘buzzing’ but also ready for a sleep on the bus home!