Adopt a Family by KingsWay School

Adopt a Family

Mrs Clarke describes what a wonderful experience she and her family had after inviting two international families to join them for Christmas lunch.

We had a fantastic Christmas lunch with our two families!

My Mum was blown away at the stories and the ease the families interacted with us. We all gained a little more understanding of what life was and is like for different cultures both here in NZ and where they have come from. We also had a lady from my Mum’s church who is often alone at this time, and she enjoyed this lunch a lot. I have not seen her smile as much as this!

We laughed, we shared, we prayed, we praised God for what he is doing in all of our lives, we made new friends. It was easy, relaxed, and fun! I hope they thought the same. What a wonderful initiative and idea. My family were blessed so much by being the hosts.

Thanks for this opportunity to love others and be loved back!

Nikki Clarke
Middle School PE and Health Teacher