Primary Leadership - Peacemakers at lunch time by KingsWay School

Primary School Leadership Programme

Servant Leadership is often the key that unlocks the door of opportunity to developing gifts of leading others. A leader inspires those they serve, to serve others. That is true leadership.

KingsWay School's Mission Statement is 'to be a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God'. This guides the leadership model in our Primary School, where our senior Primary students embrace opportunities to support and serve their Primary School community. With 110 learners across the Year 6 cohort and 190 learners altogether in Years 5 and 6, Primary Leadership in 2021 has adapted slightly to reflect these numbers and ensure that all the students have an opportunity to participate.

The Year 6 student leadership roles include: Road Safety, Sport, Peacemakers, ICT, Library and House Leaders. Each Year 6 leader receives a badge and fulfils their role for their allocated part of the year.

Year 5 students are given opportunities to serve through roles including: maintaining the locker areas; oversight of the sandpit area; working with younger classes to support their reading; keeping studio shelves and spaces tidy; sweeping and tidying outside environments; keeping paper supplies stocked up for the photocopiers; supporting the teachers by collecting and returning cups to the staffroom to be washed and supporting the Year 6’s in their leadership roles.

Primary Leadership - Handing out lunch orders — Image by: KingsWay School

Primary Leadership - Traffic Helpers — Image by: KingsWay School
Primary Leaders - handing out sports equipment — Image by: KingsWay School

Though these jobs may seem menial, when we have willing students who serve in these areas, the positive difference and support to our students and staff is significant! The Year 5’s are learning that their small part makes a big difference and as we learn from the Scriptures, it takes the whole body working together to be the best we can be. If we can capture an understanding of the team approach through service, we serve the whole and are a blessing to our wider community.

It is exciting to be at the start of another year, in anticipation of all God will do in the lives of each individual leader in the Primary School.

Jordan Barley
Assistant Head of Primary