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STIMULUS: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice

Volume 24 / Issue 1 / 2017


Church and Culture


by Sarah Penwarden

As the editors of Stimulus, we seek to hold a balance between highlighting real life issues that impact Christians, and bringing to light areas of scholarship that open paths for new thinking. 

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Replanting the Transplanted Christian Churches: Missio Dei and the Twenty-First Century Diaspora Samoan Church

by Terry Pouono

A well-known faife’au (Samoan church minister), the late Kenape Faletoese, stresses that “The true nature of the Congregational Christian Church in Samoa is very colourful, like a rainbow, and richly flavoured, like a fruit cake.”[1] 

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Being of One Accord (Part Two)

by Emma Keown

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, the cultural, racial, and ethnic makeup of society is changing...

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Positioning Christianity in Post-Secularist New Zealand Historiography

by Paul Moon

Signs of post-secularism in the treatment of the history in New Zeland are slowly becoming evident....

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by Hilary Johnston

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Ministry Corner

by Stimulus

Ministry Corner is a short segment including reflections from those in various ministries, whether in church, mission, or secular contexts. This edition’s piece is an interview with Nigel Webb, Laidlaw’s “Mission Enabler,” who will soon leave Laidlaw to engage in overseas mission.

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SYNERGEO: Challenging Spaces

by Sam Forde

I recently forayed into the strange satirical world of the television series South Park, and, to my surprise, found themes that helped me reflect on some of my experiences as a high-school counsellor. 

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Heart and Mind

by Mark Keown

For the last few years, members of the Laidlaw School of Theology have had a regular contribution to Stimulus, but we have never got around to giving it a decent name. Realising it was time we christened it, we have agreed with the title, “Heart and Mind.” 

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The Voice: Worship

by Geoff New

Psalm 81 (NIV)

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St Imulus

by Stimulus

There’s a Chinese church that meets at St Imulu’s on Sunday afternoons. We usually get a hundred to our services but they pull at least two hundred. 

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Video: RISEN Official Trailer - In Theaters Now!

Vision: Risen

by Ian Waddington

Risen - A Fresh Take of the Gospel Story?

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Cover: Living in the Family of Jesus: Critical Contexualization in Melanesia and Beyond

Book Review:  Living in the Family of Jesus: Critical Contextualization in Melanesia and Beyond.*

by Rosemary Dewerse

Edited by William Kenny Longgar and Tim Meadowcroft

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Cover: Can We Believe it? Evidence for Christianity

Book Review: Can We Believe it? Evidence for Christianity.*

by Bob Robinson

George A. F. Seber

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Cover: The Invisible Bestseller: Searching for the Bible in America

Book Review: The Invisible Best Seller: Searching for the Bible in America.*

by Derek Tovey

Kenneth A. Briggs

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Reading the Bible Missionally Book Cover

Book Review: Reading the Bible Missionally*

by Derek Tovey

Michael W. Goheen, Editor

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Cover of The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross: Their Circumstances and Meaning.  

Book Review: The Seven Sayings of Jesus from the Cross: Their Circumstances and Meaning.*

by Philip Church

Murray J. Harris

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Cover of The Spirit of Colin McCahon

Book Review: The Spirit of Colin McCahon*

by Rob Yule

Zoe Alderton

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