Connecting Schools in South Korea by Sue Kim

Connecting Schools in South Korea

This year all our students who are learning Korean are connecting with Korean students studying English in Korea.

Although the students' interactions are online, the cultural bridges built are very real. 

Dear Daewon International Middle School

We would like to thank you very much for letting us have this experience to meet you. I personally have thoroughly enjoyed my experience talking to my partner, and also believe it was good for my confidence to talk to someone from another country via video call. 

We were excited to meet everyone, and a little bit nervous too, but then it was over in a flash and everyone wanted to keep talking! There are not many chances or opportunities like this to do something really special like this. 

I felt extremely privileged to be able to have this opportunity. Hope to talk to you again:)


Kind regards, 

Sophia McLennan

Year 9 Korean