Taking Social Studies outside the classroomYear 9 drawing by Heike Cebulla-Elder

Taking Social Studies outside the classroom

This term, one Year 9 Social Studies class went for a walk up to the Northern Cemetery to draw a precis sketch of our harbour and the surrounding landscapes.

The goal was to get a good understanding of the volcanic origin of Dunedin. The students spent a good half an hour to draw their own copy of what they saw in front of them as we had a good view of the harbour and the Peninsula.

We have also spent time looking at options for being involved in a local project, which will make a difference in our local community. As part of this the class discussed the possibility of a community garden in an area behind our tennis courts.

Another Year 10 Social Studies class were working on a project with Ms. Zhian Eli to learn about the Yasedi refugees in Northern Iraq. Zhian has visited our class twice so far and shared her own journey of how she came to live in Aotearoa. While learning about Zhian’s background, students developed an appreciation of how safe our lives in New Zealand are.

The project with the Yasedi refugees included writing a letter each to children in a refugee camp. Zhian will deliver these when she is able to travel there again. The students also made friendship bracelets – one to keep for themselves and one to be taken to a child in a refugee camp – as a link and a reminder that they are not forgotten.