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Pōhutukawa Term 4 Newsletter

Dates for your Diary:

Monday 31st October - School Photos

Thursday 27th October - Tuesday 1st November Book Fair

Wednesday 9th November - Eastern Zones Athletics Day

Tuesday 15th November - Pizza Day

Tuesday 16th November - Eastern Zones Athletics Day Postponement

Thursday 17th November - Paid Union Meetings, School closing at 12.45

Friday 18th November - Teacher Only Day

Week starting Monday 21st November - Kōwhai Swimming starts

Tuesday 29th November - Interzones Athletics

Thursday 1st December - Interzones Athletics Postponement

Tuesday 6th December - Regional Athletics

Thursday 8th December - Year 6 Leaver's Dinner

Tuesday 13th December - Kōwhai Wheels Day and Year 6 Big Day Out.

Wednesday 14th December - Orientation - Children meet new 2023 classes - Reports go home.

Thursday 15th December - End of year assembly

Friday 16th December - Last day of school, finishes at 12.30


Term 4 Inquiry

by Amanda Scott

Choosing connections - How can we give back to those around us?

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Paid Union Meeting and Teacher Only Day Coming Up

by Miramar North School

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Term 3 Reflection

by Amanda Scott

Last term in Pōhutukawa we did lots of learning about Aotearoa’s environment.

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Skylight Workshops

by Amanda Scott

As part of our Kahui Ako partnership with Skylight we have had the opportunity for each class to particpate in a mental agility and resilience workshop.

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Te Ao Māori Athon

by Sarah Macintosh

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Hats, Drink Bottles

by Sarah Macintosh

Term 4 is our summer term so it's a return of the sunhats.

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Swimming Term 4

by Amanda Scott

This term Pōhutukawa will be completing their swimming program for the year. Each class will swim one afternoon a week until Thursday 24th November.

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