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NetNZ Annual Report 2018

Welcome to the NetNZ Annual Report for 2018. We have collected a series of articles that include messages from the board and executive, summaries of activities, and articles that help tell the story of 2018 and beyond.

Access our full Performance Report for 2018 here. This will include all financial information.

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NetNZ Vision and Values

by NetNZ

Developed with staff and board over 2016 and 2017, our vision and values sit as a foundation for all we do, both now and into the future.

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Message from the Chair: Michael Campbell

by Michael Campbell

This annual board chair report gives me the opportunity to thank many, encourage others, reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

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Board of Directors

by NetNZ

The NetNZ board is a diverse group of elected trustees and co-opted experts who together provide strong leadership and governance.

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Video: Creative Forest Video - Ashcoll

Summary Highlights 2018

by NetNZ

NetNZ continues to mature as an organisation and this is reflected in a number of highlights in 2018

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Looking Ahead: Strategic Directions 2019 and Beyond

by NetNZ

NetNZ continues to develop and evolve with our member schools, and emerging educational developments. We have a number of key areas to focus on in the immediate and long term future.

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Learning Exchange

What is NetNZ?

by NetNZ

NetNZ is a community of schools from across New Zealand who work together to provide online learning opportunities for their students based on the New Zealand Curriculum.

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Opinion: Our Schooling Futures

by Darren Sudlow

With all the publicity, debate and discourse on the Schooling Future report and recommendations, I find myself once again returning to an article I have already rewritten once.

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Announcing a new Network of Expertise for online teachers

by Rachel Whalley

Tūhononga o ngā tangata mōhio ipurangi - Building capability in online learning and teaching through Networks of Expertise (NEX)

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Creative Forest Update: A year in the forest

by Paul Spence

The Creative Forest experience has evolved markedly since we began the digital platform journey over a year ago with our channel partner NetNZ.

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The Creative Forest Programme: 2022

by Darren Sudlow

The Creative Forest Programmme is a partnership between Creative Forest Ltd and NetNZ that endeavours to engage learners in projects and interests within a distributed, connected environment.

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The Importance of Visual Language

by Nicky Lewis

Why, in a world of visual saturation, where everyone is their own marketer, are only a handful of individuals visually literate?

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Video: NEX Intro - Angela Mitchell

Problems of Practice

by Angela Mitchell

How can I support my students to develop key learning dispositions in the online environment?

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Video: Philippa Mallinson - problems of practice

Problems of practice

by Philippa Mallinson

How can community be developed in the online space and how can authentic learning be captured?

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Sophie Handford

Openly Networked: Foster Engagement

by Sam Wakelin

As part of my goal of fostering engagement within my NetNZ Senior Social Studies program I invited Sophie Handford, the former Kāpiti College student who led the New Zealand climate change strikes to join our weekly online meeting on 8 May 2019.

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Drama Online

by Vicki Crawford

Many people think how can you take such a physical hands-on subject online?

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Student View: NetNZ and Me

by Oak Roberts

Kia ora my name is Oak. I am a year 11 homeschooler, and this is my first year studying with NetNZ online, I am enrolled in NetNZ’s philosophy course for 2018. I am a passionate Shakespeare fan and I love all things algebra.

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Student Stories: Getting closer to my dream

by Hope Sole

Hello, my name is Hope Sole, and I’m year 12 student at Taradale High school

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Student Stories - Following my passion

by Elish Skeet

Eilish tells us about her experience in taking Beginner's Korean in 2018.

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Student Stories: Learning online for learning sake

by Sue Kim

Mary, a student from Logan Park High School tells us about the experience of learning Korean online.

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