Senior Monrad Cup by PNBHS

Senior Monrad Cup

The Senior Monrad Cup took place on Thursday.  Well done to all competitors - it was another very positive event.

Results on the day:

Year 11 Tug O’War – 1st Murray, 2nd Gordon, 3rd Phoenix, 4th Vernon, 5th Kia Ora, 6th Albion

Year 12/13 Tug O’War – Kia Ora, 2nd Phoenix, 3rd Albion, 4th Gordon, 5th Vernon, 6th Murray

Aranga Ball – 1st Vernon, 2nd Murray, 3rd Gordon, 4th Phoenix, 5th Kia Ora, 6th Albion

Long ball – 1st Albion, 2nd Phoenix, 3rd Kia Ora, 4th Murray, 5th Vernon, 6th Gordon