SADD - Safer September 2020 by PNBHS

Community Service - SADD, Safer September

Safer September is SADD New Zealand's annual campaign to highlight the importance of safe driving.

Unfortunately, young people, and in particular young males, are over-represented in many negative statistics and injury-related vehicle crashes and deaths on the road are two of these statistics.

SADD 'Drunk Goggles' PNBHS

During week 7 of the term, the Palmy Boys' SADD group ran some lunchtime activities, the first involving the use of 'drunk goggles'.  These simulate the impairment of alcohol on one's coordination and ability to react.  While the activity itself provided young men with a laugh as they watched their mates, the message about the impact of alcohol on our ability to drive safely was very clear.  

They also organised a quiz competition in the Speirs Centre where participants answered a range of questions that aimed to raise awareness of road safety issues affecting New Zealanders, in particular young males.

The photographs below are from the lunchtime activities.

Speed is a common factor in car crashes involving young people, particularly young men.  The Palmy Boys' SADD group produced this video to help reinforce the message to slow down.


Distracted driving is another significant hazard for young people.

PNBHS SADD - Distracted Driving