Blood Donor Certificate Presentation by PNBHS

Community Service - Blood Donor Day 2020

Young men who were first-time donors at our annual Blood Donor Day were recently presented with certificates from the New Zealand Blood Service in recognition of their contribution.

Recently 63 young men and staff members took part in our annual Blood Donor Day.  Providing service to others is a great way for young men to contribute to their community and involvement in activities such as this is a great way to build connections and whanaungatanga - working together to support each other.

Mrs. Sue Rule, the Donor Relations Coordinator for the New Zealand Blood Service, noted in the letter enclosed with the certificates that "It was our Wellington team's first time visiting Boys' High and several of the nurses commented on how polite the boys were" - great feedback for our young men to receive.

Prefect Carols Fung, who organised the Blood Donor Day, received McDonald's vouchers from the NZ Blood Service as a token of their appreciation for his efforts.  Thanks also to Prefects V J Tauli, Jordon Longlay and Lisale Talamaivao for their help on the day.

Blood Donor Day 2020 — Image by: PNBHS

We hope that this will be the beginning of a life-long habit for the young men who participated.  Click here to find out about how you can be involved and support the lifesaving work of the NZ Blood Service.