(L to R) Kaushal Patel, Rian Lyver and Michael Watkins winners of theTable Tennis Secondary A Grade competition. by PNBHS

Table Tennis

The table tennis results for both teams and individuals are listed below.

The school’s Cricket Oldies team comprising of Rian Lyver, Kaushal Patel and Michael Watkins won the trophy for the Secondary A Grade, while the PNBHS Paddles (Reuben Bilsland, Daniel Hall and Sam James) finished in third place and Backhand 4 Life (Riley Jack, Jesko Kirschbaum and Daniel van der Spuy) finished fourth in the eight team competition. 

Team Double Bounce (Tiwai Bellis, Hein Booysen and Rūadhān Buckland) were winners of the B Grade, closely followed in third place by HughMungus Sheep (Nicholas Dekker, Tony Lim and Josuha Paroli) and TheON9’s (Tynan Eames, Gordon Ma and Anthony Tong) finishing fourth. The C Grade was won by the Killer Bean Fan Club (Max Bedford, Oscar Hodgson and Mohammad Huzaifa), with The Boyz (Jesse Akepogu, Tim Harjes and Carson Harvey) finishing second and team King Pong (Zac Bradford, Alex Fayerman and Robbie Sutherland) ended the competition in third place.

In the individual standings, Sam James was the highest ranked player in the A Grade while Kaushal Patel lost just four more games than Sam across the entire season. Anthony Tong won the B Grade individual competition, Tiwai Bellis finished second and Joshua Paroli was the fourth ranked player. Zac Bradford won the C Grade individual standings, not losing a match or even a game all season. Tim Harjes finished third and Jamie Smith fourth in C Grade standings.

At the end of the season, Table Tennis Manawatu held an individual tournament. Anthony Tong finished second in the A grade tournament and, Rian Lyver and Blake Green finished first in the B and C Grade tournaments respectively.

A big thank you must go to Table Tennis Manawatu Development Officer, Matt Ball. Matt is super organised and very efficient. He is also well-respected by the Table Tennis community. The successful running of the Secondary Schools Competition is solely down to his excellent management and calm, thoughtful demeanour.