New Zealand Studies Fieldtrip to Napier - Sept. 2020 by PNBHS

New Zealand Studies Fieldtrip to Napier

The fieldtrip reinforced their knowledge of natural hazards in the lower North Island.

Using the case study of the 1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake, our groups spent a day in the sunshine discussing issues such as coastal uplift, expansion of the town after the earthquake,. the rebuilding of the town and the reality of this 'great quake'.

After spending time on the foreshore of the ocean beach, the group had an excellent presentation based on visual resources at the Napier Museum before walking through the 'art-deco' architecture of the town to Clive Square, site of the temporary shopping centre ('Tin Town').

The afternoon wasspent on Bluff Hill considering changes to the landscape following the earthquake followed by a visit to Park island Cemetery where many victims were interred in a mass grave.

The weather was perfect, and the students represented their school well.