'Attitude' Health Presentation to Year 10, 2020 by PNBHS

'Attitude' Health Presentation to Year 10

Attitude is the youth education division of Parenting Place. The organisation is dedicated to equipping teenagers with the information and skills they need to negotiate the adolescent years and build meaningful lives.

This presentation focused on sexuality and relationships – called “Sex with Attitude”. Delivered by Allenzo in a humorous and extremely entertaining way, the students were fully engaged in what was delivered.

The main message of the talk was simply that sex within a mutually respectful relationship is the ideal and will result in greater fulfilment and less harm and hurt. Students were told about the myths of sex and were challenged to appreciate that social media, films and boasting by other students, is often an exaggeration, a lie or simply does not represent reality. Our young men were encouraged to seek out the truth about sex and to seek meaningful relationships and not feel pressured into having sex because everyone else is “doing it”, as the evidence suggests that this is not the case at their age.

For any parents or students wishing to find out more, the contact for Attitude is below.

+64 9 524 0025