Māori Language Moment – 12.00pm, 14 September 2020 by PNBHS

Māori Language Moment – 12.00pm, 14 September 2020

This marks the day and the hour in 1972 when a group of Māori language champions presented a petition on the steps of parliament calling for te reo to be taught in New Zealand schools.

This moment was marked at PNBHS with young men in Year 9 together reciting karakia at the end of the mental health presentation with Sir John Kirwan.

The karakia is said at the beginning of each week by our staff and by our young men at assembly, although Alert Level 2 restrictions have had an impact on this.

Saying karakia together:

- acknowledges the Treaty of Waitangi principles of Partnership, Participation and Protection

- is inclusive of all members of our school community, emphasises wellbeing and cultural responsiveness and helps to prepare us for the coming week

- helps us to feel connected to our whānau, friends, colleagues, community and surroundings

- helps to build character

- reflects who we are as a people today

- increases the spiritual goodwill of a gathering, such as our school community.

Karakia — Image by: PNBHS

Karakia — Image by: PNBHS